Saturday, July 11, 2009

Total Juicing Book - Elaine LaLanne, Richard Benyo and Jack LaLanne

Total Juicing: The Complete Guide to Healthy and Delicious Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices by Elaine La Lanne, Richard Benyo, and Jack Lalanne Features & SpecificationsJuicing For Life Book - a review of the health benefits of juicing fresh fruit and veggies Total Juicing: The Complete Guide to Healthy and Delicious Fresh Fruit and Vegetable JuicesBy: Elaine LaLanne, Richard Benyo, and Jack LaLanneJUICE YOUR WAY TO HEALTH...EVEN HELP PREVENT CANCERAcross America, millions of people are discovering juicing as an easy, inexpensive, and delicious way to enjoy tremendous health and nutritional benefits. Today's new juice extractors have opened up an exciting avenue to taking control over your own health and well-being. Elaine and Jack LaLanne, who have been juicing for thirty years, discovered that fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and the fiber-rich pulp that the juicer yields, have excellent benefits when used in combination with a healthful diet. Now you can learn how to control weight and lower blood pressure, address such conditions as psoriasis, stomach ulcers, arthritis, anemia, and gout, and even help prevent cancer- all in your own kitchen. Total Juicing provides up-to-date information and more than 125 recipes for great juice combinations and for fruit and vegetable pulp. You'll find:An A-to-Z guide to juicing directions, vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables, and health benefits of specific foods A weight-loss program that works-with fresh juicesThe dos and don'ts of making and storing juice Baby-food recipes from the juicer Terrific original recipes for breakfast drinks, lunchtime refershers, dinner beverages, flavorful desserts and bartender's tips as well Great recipe ideas for fiber-rich pulp 240 Pages

We all see the oil prices going up steadily. This is not just a news item; it has a direct impact on our pocket. Usage costs for any system that we have like heating systems or vehicle that runs on diesel, have increased significantly in the last several years and it does not show any sign that it will stop rising. It seems that we have no control on these prices and there is nothing that we, as the common people, can do. Well, that is absolutely wrong! Using alternative energy like biodiesel can save us more than 50% percents of the energy costs.

Beyond the fact that there are many benefits for using biodiesel, I will concentrate just on the economical aspect that will free your budget and help you reducing significantly the expenses on diesel. You can make bio diesel at home in your kitchen, garage or backyard. I know that you are thinking it is very complicated process and a huge hassle; well, it is not! Producing biodiesel by you is not as complicated as it sounds. With the right guidance and the right biodiesel home kit, which you can prepare by yourself as well, the entire process of making biodiesel is far from being complicated.

What exactly is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the fuel that is made of vegetable oil or animal fat as opposed to petrodiesel that is based on fossil.

In order to produce biodiesel we need to separate the vegetable oil or the animal fat from the glycerin. The separation is done by transesterification (chemical process name ;-)). At the end of the process we receive two materials, glycerin and bio diesel.

As you can see, there is no reason to be intimidated by these big words. Making biodiesel with a biodiesel kit saves lots of money and it is great fun as well.

Learn how easy is to make biodiesel at home and more about biodiesel home processor kits