Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nesco American Harvest 5-Tray FD-35 425-Watt Snackmaster Dehydrator

This unit features Nesco/American Harvest's innovative Top Mounted Powerhead that dries food quickly and evenly with superior results. Detaches to make dehydrator dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Fan-Flow Technology means faster, more even drying with no tray rotation necessary. Perfect for the beginner.

Few things are more embarassing to a backyard grillmaster than running out of gas in the middle of a barbeque party. We've all been there before. You've got everything running smoothly and your guests are munching on hot dogs and burgers while they wait for the steaks. You take a swig of your beer and then look down to see your grill flames have gone out. You're out of propane!

Hopefully you have another tank of fuel in the shed or the garage. It's embarrasing enough to have to scurry around swapping out the old propane tank for a new one in the middle of a party. What's worse is having to run out to get a new one while your guests stand around with grumbling bellies. Besides, you've already thrown off the cooking time of the meat on the grill so you'll never get it "just right" now.

Don't you think its time to ditch the clumsy propane tanks and go with a natural gas barbeque grill? Natural gas grills have many advantages over propane. You'll never run out of gas again. No more running out of fuel right in the middle of a big cookout. Also, natural gas is cheaper. Depending on where you live, you could save 50% or more by switching to natural gas. And natural gas barbeque grills are cleaner and better for the environment.

Just about any propane grill can be converted to natural gas. All you need is an inexpensive conversion kit that you can get from the manufacturer or a third party retailer. Basically all you have to do is change the regulator. Then all you need to do is run a gas line from your house into your backyard. This is a job for a professional. Running a gas line to your deck or patio isn't something you should do yourself unless you are a qualified contractor. Just contact your gas company and ask for some referrals. It's a simple job that should only take a couple of hours and won't be too expensive. And once it's done you'll never have to worry about running out of gas during a cookout again.

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